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September 11, 2017

United By Differences: Valuing Inclusive Leadership and Diversity!


Workshop Description

Change is the only constant we can count on with total certainty! In our 21st century global world, change is happening faster than ever before in history, almost overnight. This changing and diverse world must be reflective inside our departments, agencies and organizations if we are to remain relevant and equitable in our services. From county to state level, Oregon recognizes the value of preparing and equipping its citizens to become inclusive & culturally competent leaders and capitalize on the opportunities that diversity brings. To embrace and value the diversity our state, country and world have to offer, we must first embrace and value it in ourselves. It’s time to understand and live up to the reality that diversity and unity do not have to be mutually exclusive.

About the Presenter(s)

A true social entrepreneur, Lou Radja continues to work tirelessly to help individuals and teams thrive at the intersection of success & significance. A recognized and award winning Motivational Speaker and founder of Lou Radja Enterprises, Mr. Radja’s trainings on leadership, personal growth, diversity and service inspire and equip audiences around the world, to Be More and Give More. As Founder and Executive Director of EduCongo, a U.S. based nonprofit organization; Lou’s energy is also devoted to generating awareness and support to provide quality education for over 2,000 underprivileged children in the Congo. A graduate of Portland State University where he studied International Affairs with a focus on development challenges and opportunities in today’s globalized world. Lou is a member and Past President of the Portland Pearl Rotary Club, an active member of the World Affairs Council of Oregon. Lou and his wife Stacy are proud parents of two boys, Yenga and Senda!



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