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September 5, 2017

Who Talks? Who Listens? Who Decides?


Workshop Description

When a group of people gets together some people are almost automatically given respect. For example some people are allowed to finish speaking before someone else speaks. Some people’s ideas are almost automatically accepted while other people feel left out.

How can you help make sure that the ideas and contributions of everyone in your group, team or organization are treated with respect and given an equal chance? Who gets to make the rules about how decisions are made and who decides what is a good process for making decisions (what counts as “ good data” for example) and who gets to weigh in on what the final decision is?

How can an awareness of status, length of time in the organization or the profession, gender, race, language, help us to make up for old habits in our organizational lives? Old organizational habits can leave people out and missing out on hearing great ideas can hold organizations back and discourage people from trying to contribute in the future.

This session will cover some of the policies, practices and tools that anyone can use to change the ways we all participate and contribute in the workplace.

About the Presenter(s)

Alanna Hein has a training and consulting and executive coaching practice that was established in 1991. Her work focuses on valuing diversity, building high performing work teams, planning for and managing change, and conflict resolution. Her consulting clients have included: City, County and Federal government agencies, private non-profit organizations, and corporations of all sizes. Alanna taught graduate and undergraduate courses in the business and management department for many years at Marylhurst University. She has been a Director of Human Resources, and was an Auditor. Her training, consulting, and coaching are recognized as exceptionally effective, and her jokes are almost always funny.



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