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August 30, 2017

Mindful and Inclusive Leadership for the 21st Century


Workshop Description

Today, government and public agencies are facing significant changes that are impacting their ability to develop a motivated and engaged workforce. Changes include the speed at which technology is changing the way we work and engage both virtually and in person. With over 70% of the US workforce identified as actively disengaged, how is that affecting your agency’s ability to be productive and stay viable?

Furthermore, technological advances often create more stress due to an overload of information, continuous distractions and a lack of genuine connection with coworkers and members of an increasingly diverse community. As an antidote, many companies are beginning to offer emotional intelligence and mindful leadership programs to improve communication, remove productivity obstacles, decrease stress, and improve overall well being.

Our economy is also facing significant demographic shifts. Boomers are retiring at a rate of 10,000 people a day. By 2020, Millenials will dominate the workplace. The workplace is simultaneously facing a rapid departure of those with significant knowledge and experience, and the rise of a generation with needs that require organizational and behavioral shifts. Racial and ethnic minorities will soon be the majority. We need leadership that can navigate the complexities of working across different cultures with the sensitivity and skills to deal with the “isms” that impact our workplaces.

Mindful a Inclusive Leadership Skills for the 21st Century will introduce organizational leaders, supervisors, managers and potential leaders to the changes required in leadership styles to meet the diverse needs of employees in an increasingly fast-paced culture.

About the Presenter(s)

Lillian A. Tsai

Born and raised in Malaysian Borneo, award winner Lillian A. Tsai specializes in the consultation, facilitation, and training of cross-cultural competency, intercultural communications, diversity, equity and inclusion interventions, strategies and programs. She also specializes in coaching people of color and managers of diverse teams. Prior to starting TsaiComms in 2002, she spent 25 years in global high tech marketing and communications, which included an expatriate assignment in Stuttgart, Germany. Lillian has worked with multiple City, County, State and Federal agencies, and was a presenter at the 2012 and 2016 NW Public Employees Diversity Conferences as well as other conferences around the U.S.

Judith G. Sugg

Judith Sugg, Ph.D., is a trainer and coach. She works with organizations using mindfulness and emotional intelligence to improve communications and resolve conflicts. Judy is a licensed counselor and psychology instructor. She has written four books, and has taught yoga and meditation for 25 years.

Alisa Blum

Alisa Blum, MSW, has worked with public agencies, community colleges, health care organizations, non-profits, law firms and technology companies, to improve communication across the generations, enhance management skills, manage change, decrease stress and help teams work together more effectively for over 20 years. She collaborates with Lillian Tsai to provide the workshop, “Working Across Generations & Cultures”, which has been presented to employees at many private and public agencies, as well as to the 2016 NW Diversity Conference and the 2016 Women in Energy Conference. Alisa collaborates with Judith Sugg to provide customized training programs that incorporate mindfulness tools to improve individual & organizational performance. Alisa & Judy have worked with public agencies, businesses and healthcare organizations. They have presented at the 2015 International Organizational Development Network Conference, the 2015 Association for Talent Development Regional Conference and the 2017 Business Health Service Health & Safety Conference. Prior work experience includes positions as a clinical social worker, supervisor and training director.



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