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August 30, 2017

In the Shoes of an Immigrant: Understanding the Immigrant Experience and Learning to Successfully Engage with Immigrants


Workshop Description

This is an engaging, informational and challenging workshop that develops the audience’s cultural awareness and competency with navigating cultural diversity. Participants walked away with:

  • An understanding of the key differences and nuances between western cultural frameworks and other non-western cultural frameworks.
  • An understanding of the Immigrant journey and experience in America (stages of cultural adaptation).
  • Greater awareness of participants’ own biases and responses to such biases.
  • And a framework and techniques for engaging in a more culturally empathetic manner.

About the Presenter(s)

A true catalyst for peace, Parfait Bassalé continues to work tirelessly to promote understanding across the globe. A well acclaimed international artist and speaker, he is also the founder of the Colombe Project, a Peace Education Enterprise that uses songs and stories to trigger empathy. Mr. Bassalé has addressed and engaged global citizens all over the world on Adversity, Conflict, Cultural Understanding and Service.

Parfait has a strong passion for interpersonal, cross-cultural and religious understanding. Before moving to America, he lived in multiple countries in West Africa and has additional social ties in Europe and the Middle East. Parfait brings to the table his unique experience and perspective as he presents and sings about issues of adversity, understanding, diversity, religion and peace. A graduate of Portland State University, Parfait’s background is in Conflict and Dispute Resolution with a focus on conflict prevention and empathy education. Over the years, travelling and living across multiple continents and cultures and now living in the United States, Parfait has found that the human experience is essentially the same: “All cultures sing the same songs: songs of friendship, joy, comfort, knowledge, faith, love and hurt.” This commonality is what drives Parfait’s efforts and approach to reminding us that we are all Haitians when tragedy hits in Haiti, all Jews in the gas chambers of Nazi Germany and all refugees when religious extremism hits in the Middle East.

To hear Parfait sing and share the stories behind each song is a transformational experience one must witness!!!



1) Packet Immigrant Workshop

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