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August 30, 2017

Communal Intelligence


Workshop Description

People have different stories and deserve to be appreciated within their personal, cultural and historical contexts. Human experiences have universal aspects but to think that everyone is the same conceals the differences and injustices. We all grow up in a more or less segregated place and are socialized to think in certain ways and behave following certain values and norms that are based on racial, class, gender and sexual orientation attributes. We then tend to think these experiences are universal and become blind to the differences. We develop unconscious blind spots and biases and don’t understand the relationship and compliance challenges that come up.

Emotional intelligence (Goleman 1995) is the ability to put oneself in someone else’s shoes and process emotions and conflicts. Communal intelligence is the ability to understand and value community relationships in their social and cultural contexts. As a service provider one first step towards communal intelligence is to unmask the disparities by dismantling your own and your partners’ or participants’ experiences. In this session we will explore the basics of communal intelligence and practice steps to create trusting relationships based on communal intelligence methods.

About the Presenter(s)

Pierre has 32 years of experience integrating a multidisciplinary approach to work and life. Trained as a physician with specialty in tropical medicine, psychosocial and rehabilitation medicine and in health psychology. He has an additional 10 years of training in process-oriented psychology and 12 years of community based work with refugees and immigrants. Pierre is an effective analyst, problem solver, and communicator.



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