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August 30, 2017

Building Mutual Respect and Trust


Workshop Description

Mutual respect and trust are essential parts of healthy and productive work environments, but how do we create it? This work requires openness, effort, and skill-development, and it has particular challenges when working with people we think of (consciously or subconsciously) as not “like us.” This workshop will provide concrete tools for cultivating trust and respect, laying the foundation for nurturing successful work relationships.

About the Presenter(s)

Tasha Harmon is the founder of New Perspectives Facilitation, Coaching and Training. She combines over 25 years of professional experience in organizational development with skills as a co-active coach to support people in community-focused organizations who want to work more easily, creatively, and effectively. She has worked with a wide variety of organizations including schools, libraries, community-based and national nonprofits, government agencies, and small businesses. Tasha works on a wide variety of issues related to decision-making, communication, team-building, problem solving, facilitation, leadership development, and building the capacity for, and managing, change.



1) Tools For Standing In Curiosity Handout

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