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August 30, 2017

Activating Cultural Empathy


Workshop Description

While there is growing awareness and value for equity, diversity and inclusion, we often fail to recognize how our own culture – what we consider normal – interferes with our ability to truly recognize and honor people of many backgrounds. Participants will explore the concept of cultural humility, and how that supports developing an attitude of learning and openness. Participants will then learn about the relatively new concept of cultural empathy, first gaining knowledge about what it is, and then practicing methods to increase cultural empathy through sharing stories, perspective taking, and empathic journeys. The practice of cultural empathy creates a foundation for genuine conversation, which leads to increased relationship, understanding of difference and disparity, and ultimately inclusion of people of many backgrounds.

About the Presenter(s)

With over 30 years of experience delivering, leading, and consulting in non-profit and public services, Julie Dodge has seen a thing or two. Her research in Cultural Empathy is fueled by a passion to build better relationships that ultimately lead to better outcomes for the diverse people we serve. Julie completed her Bachelor’s degree at Biola University in Southern California, her Master’s in Social Welfare at UCLA, and most recently obtained her Doctor of Ministry in Leadership and Global Perspectives at George Fox University. Currently she is an Associate Professor of Social Work at Concordia University. She has travelled frequently in her quest to better understand different cultures and people. She has also zip-lined on four continents. She recently published an iBook titled, “But I Wouldn’t Do That!”: Teaching Cultural Empathy, which is available for free at iTunes by clicking here



1) Cultural Empathy Organizational Considerations

2) Books for Empathic Journeys

3) Activating Cultural Empathy Handouts

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